????.06.16 - ????.08.16

Summer Quest

This summer I dug holes, all along the Northern Coast of Quebec, as I traveled from there to here.

This is an account of my journey, the adventures I had and the encounters I made. In this story I play many roles, some of which I have donned before, others that appeared out of serendipity. Part of this has happened, part of this might have happened, and a lot of this never was, but that line is an invisible one indeed. Like always, the result is unknown and that is exciting.

I'm interested in exploring what is here now, to use naturally-occuring phenomena and life-induced experiences as a premise to build fction that inserts itself invisibly in what is believable. I wish to use the pictures of my summer to support the forgery and my Voice to subdue the senses. I act as a Virgile of sorts and bring the spectator in the interstitial space where everything is impossible and real.

I dig to leave a dent in the strata of time, to burrow myself in nature.
I get to the bottom of things. It's never the same man who comes out of the hole.

To-day I present the last one of them here in Montreal, as I complete this gigantic spell I cast over my summer. What will happened next is beyond me.