The Green Hole

Sur l'invitation de Masako Miyasaki, aussi étudiante à Concordia, je partis à la recherche du mystérieux Trou Vert, pour le prendre en photo. Prises dans un terrain ferroviaire abandonné de Montréal, les images révèlent une végétation recouvrant complètement des vestiges d'activité humaine. La poésie vient de la découverte inédite d'une forêt poussant cachée dans la ville, son expansion lente passant complètement inaperçue, et le vertige qui s'y dissimule. Des terriers de renard et de rongeurs furent aperçus, et une grande diversité de chants d'oiseaux entendue.

On the invitation of Masako Miyasaki, a fellow student at Concordia, I set off trying to find and photograph the elusive Green Hole, which she was also looking for. Shot in an abandoned train park in Montreal, the images show vegetation taking over remains of human activity. The poetry comes from finding a forest growing hidden within and over the city, as it's slow expansion goes unnoticed for ages. Foxes and rodents burrows were seen, and a great diversity of bird calls were heard.

Le poème de Miyasaki's poem:

Green Hole
Deep in the forest, there is a point called Green Hole.
The forest centrally lies in Eastern Canada and Japan.
The hole was discovered and named by Sawara, a Canadian scholar, in 2015.
It has a different time axis from the ground.
At present, direct observation is difficult.
The actual situation remains unclear.

(Excerpt from Wakipedia)


Green Hole: (First chapter)

When white fluff downpours
I am going inside of it
Green Hole
It's depth
and uncertainty
He does not understand
on the sixth planet
Tears become infinity
Green Land
It’s the end and
the beginning

(Second chapter)

In the darkness
a piece of light
In the silence
A fish of muscat colour is drifting
Spinning silk one by one
Before crescent moon is fading
Holds the hand
Before becoming dust

Thank you Masako.