The Cloud of Unknowing

When : May 5th 2018 – 8 o'clock. Opening reception at 7:00 pm
Where : J.A. De Sève Cinema, Webster Library, Concordia University

Thanks, man.
- Cooper, the dog.

The Cloud of Unknowing is a cinematic dance-and-voice show about poetic encounters with non-human things. Footage, animation, gesture and word all combine into an hour-long, open-ended collective exercize, to reconcile our sensuous perceptions with the naked being of things. A multidimensional voyage into the secret inner lives of waters, plants, animals and thunderstorms, to name a few, it is a journey across matter into how it might feel to be something else than what we actually are. With humor and a positive regard to the other, it explores how we can, through observation, speculation and imagination, shapeshift ourselves into alternate ways of being, and teleport to some of the parallel worlds that exist alongside our own. The Cloud of Unknowing is chiefly concerned with looking, at the many prismatic veils that separate and obfuscate surrounding bodies, and embracing, the unknown that lies beyond, the impenetrable nature of everything.

This is an account of my journey, of the adventures I had and the encounters I made. In this story I play many roles, some of which I have donned before, others that appeared out of the serendipity of finding myself some-where. I claim nothing, I only observe how things unfold on their own after a little push. Part of this has happened, part of this might have, and a lot of this never was, but anyway that line is an invisible one. Like always, the result is unknown and that is exciting. I'm interested in exploring what is here now, how to use naturally-occuring phenomena and life-induced experiences as a premise to build fiction that inserts itself invisibly in what is believable. I act as a Virgile of sorts, and bring the spectator into interstitial spaces where everything is possible, real, and important.

I dig, to leave a dent in the strata of time, to burrow myself in nature.
I get to the bottom of things. It's never the same man who comes out of the hole.
What will happen next is beyond me.

Boris Dumesnil-Poulin is an artist, poet and musician. Boris specializes in futile endeavors, risky hikes and telescopic plans. Full of the spirit of adventure, he lives for bold gestures that harbor the dream of the future. He juggles with mystery and humor, to talk about very serious stuff, to slip in-between what is real and what is imaginary, and to gaze at the world like an alien, a plant or a puff of air would. His work is all about teleportation, shape-shifting and journeys to fictional places. For him, art is a gift, a supplement of ideas and shapes that concorts novelty for living beings to share.